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  • Review of Death Loves Veronica “Lucid Dream”
    by soundsandshadows (Ken Magerman) on 9. April 2020 Going to try something a little new for our review of the latest release of Death Loves Veronica. Katy and I are both big fans but both come from fairly different backgrounds. So we are going to do a duel review. Listening to the songs separately and not discussing. Then posting our thoughts

  • Review of Audrey Burne’s album “Audrey Burne”
    by Katy Needs A Life on 5. April 2020

    Band: Audrey Burne Album: Audrey Burne Label: Unsigned Home Base: Saginaw, Michigan Website: I feel like I talk about this whole isolation thing a lot these days, but here I am again, about to tell you all something you already know. Times, like we’re living in right now, have been hard and it’s been

  • Katy’s “End of Days” Playlist (Pt. 2)
    by Katy Needs A Life on 4. April 2020

    Here’s my latest update on life. Like many people, this has been a rough patch. A lot of personal inventory has been had along with tough life evaluations, revelations, and epiphanies. It sucks. Luckily, I have had one thing in my life since I was a little kid that always helped me through the hard

  • Dear Cold and Desolate Land, What Hot New Releases Will Spark My Joy?
    by soundsandshadows (Ken Magerman) on 3. April 2020

    This weekend I was suppose to be in Boston for the Dark Spring Festival. Enjoying the warm embrace of meeting new friends and swaying in rhythm to music. Instead here I sit in Michigan at the computer eating curried mash potatoes alone. I do have a tether to this distant world. New music to conjure

  • Sometimes the best in what is new feels quite familiar.
    by soundsandshadows (Ken Magerman) on 27. March 2020

    Working from home has left me stir crazy with too much time alone. What a perfect time to fire through some quick reviews of what I am listening to at the moment. Tonight I went digging through Bandcamp recommendations for some new sounds. I have been a bit disenfranchised lately with the idea of nostalgia