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  • Review of Dirty Monkey “Division”
    by arthurelwin on 24. January 2021

    Dirty Monkey has eight releases on their Bandcamp page, but today we’re only focusing on one: Division, their newest album, put out on December 26th. How does this album differ from your previous material, in terms of technique, artistic direction, or creative territory? Each release I create I definitely try and up the production quality.

  • Music I Found While Drowning In A Sea Of Bernie Sanders Memes.
    by soundsandshadows (Ken Magerman) on 22. January 2021

    It was a tough week for me. I think for a lot of people. It was also a time of hope and possibility. As so often I found myself taking refuge in the sounds of others, trying to feel something outside my own head. I have some releases here, some old, some new. May they offer you some comfort as they did to me at times I needed it most. I also wanted to say what a beautiful refuge our new Sounds and Shadows Facebook community has been to me. Many […]

  • Exclusive Video Premier of Black Angel “Animal”
    by soundsandshadows (Ken Magerman) on 16. January 2021

    When I ranked Black Angel "Kiss of Death" in the top 5 goth albums of 2020 it was largely due to their ability to bring back something to gothic music. Adrenalin fueled hard rock. These are deep rich tones and sexy shadowy gothic concepts. With early Mission semi truck baselines and buzz saw guitar work cutting through your conciseness. The video is a beautiful high production old school MTV cinematic affair. True LA glamor style done with a […]

  • Catching Up with The Cult Sounds: New LP “Death of a Star”
    by arthurelwin on 15. January 2021

    Dark rock band The Cult Sounds has been covered by S&S before, such as in this introductory interview and this review of their Halloween compilation. Their lineup is Bennett Huntley (vocals), Ryan McBride (lead guitar), Jordan Hageman (rhythm guitars, keys, programming), Wyatt Eagen (bass), And Justin Riley (drums). Fortunately, we’ll see much more of

  • What Are They Up to: Interviews with Vanity Kills, Ashes Fallen, and Black Rose Burning
    by arthurelwin on 15. January 2021

    Vanity Kills [Photo Credit: Cameron Rhys McNamara] Vanity Kills is the intense, cyberpunk-industrial band of Joe “Crow” Aaron. S&S has already covered them on several occasions: an interview from 2019, a review of album Chapter 2: Enemy, and a shoutout in the Halloween Compilation Release. The band has been a friend of S&S for years.