Separate Dimension
Spectacle 1

Review & Interview: Push Button Press – Spectacle 1

The new album Spectacle 1 by Push Button Press came to me courtesy of Andreas Herrmann of Cold Transmission. I feel like everything Andy has been backing in the post punk scene has been an automatically must hear album and this did not disappoint.…
Let them be alien

Review: Lebanon Hanover – Let Them Be Alien

Ok, so this was a band I was pretty late to the game on. Another one that doesn't really need my review as they are pretty established and known as an important part of the dark minimalist movement. Yet I keep listening to the record so feel…
Leaving the Szene

Delphine Coma – Leaving the Scene

Newest review from Austin TX minimalist dark wave Delphine Coma's album "Leaving the Scene". I love the fitting title of this album because if I had only one word I was allowed to write about this release it would be unapologetic. This is a…
Ceremony Of Shame
Spectacle 1

Push Button Press – Spectacle 1 available via COLD TRANSMISSION MUSIC

This great EP from Push Button Press called "Spectacle 1" incl. cracking remixes by Icy Men & S Y Z Y G Y X is now also available on all major platforms such as Spotify, iTunes, Amazon etc. Check it out.

Concertreview: Lizard Pool & Wisborg, Schokoladen Berlin 06.01.2018

For the first concert of the year, and in a rather iconic pub in the centre of Berlin, the band Wisborg took to the stage. The venue 'Schokoladen' has established itself as a live music venue for the alternative scene with regular concerts,…
Slovenska Televisa


SLOVENSKA TELEVIZA are a minimal electronics duo from Valladolid and Barcelona. Wladyslaw Trejo and Lunademayo stay close to Coldwave then expands to avant-garde and experimental approaches. In a permanent exploration to achieve a proposal…
Cold Transmission Music Logo

Cold Transmission Music – International Alternative Label

COLD TRANSMISSION is an International label and music promotion service based near Frankfurt am Main,Germany. We see ourselves as an independent label to help promote and support fresh, up-and-coming and interesting Post-Punk, Coldwave, Shoegaze, New Wave, Goth and Darkwave bands and artists. We run a regular Mixcloud show as well as organising gigs, concerts, parties and events.
Cold Transmission Festival 2019

Cold Transmission Festival & Disorder Party incl. concerts 13.07.2019

COLD TRANSMISSION Festival 2019 and Andreas' 50th Birthday Bash! *** Live on stage *** CRYING VESSEL IAMTHESHADOW feat. ANTIPOLE SILENT RUNNERS JOY/DISASTER Aftershow Party by DISORDER incl. Special DJ-Set by Pete Burns / Kill…