Into Shadows – (an Interview with Twin Tribes)

Twin Tribes are a young Post-Punk band from the U.S. who influenced our reviewer Ken from Sounds and Shadows a lot. Please read his interview here.
Orcus Nullify - Deathhag

Orcus Nullify – Death Hag [Dark-Wave – Review and interview]

So Orcus Nulify is a wonderful project by Bruce Nullify out of South Carolina. Bruce is one of those wonderful people in this scene that is always going out of his way to help everyone else in the scene around him.

Crying Vessel – A Beautiful Curse/Illusions (Album review incl. interview)

This is an exciting review to write, I have been wanting to talk about “A Beautiful Curse” for a while now but I have been holding off in anticipation of Illusions coming out. I'm glad I waited because now I get to write my first two album combo review and I don't think I could have chosen a better band than Crying Vessel. Crying Vessel began as a project between Slade Templeton and Basil Oberli as an art concept that found legs and has grown into some of the finest post punk/Synthwave/dark dance fusion coming out of Europe and spreading it's dark wings across the world. It takes a lot of what is familiar and beautiful about classic dark music and infuses it with a jolt of electricity and sizzle.
Palais Ideal - No Signal

Interview with Karl Morten Dahl (Antipole)

This next interview is with the brilliant creative mind behind Antipole Karl Morten Dahl. I have previously loved and reviewed their album Northern Flux and I am extremely excited to see him play with IAMTHESHADOW in July. Antipole Interview…
Delphine Coma

Delphine Coma – Interview with Ashe Rüppe: “It’s a really great time for music right now”

Delphine Coma published his last album "Leaving the Scene" in 2018. Our friends from "Sounds and Shadows" wrote a review earlier this year and had a chat with singer and songwriter Ashe Rüppe about his intentions. Sounds and Shadows: Your…

Actors – Interview 2019: “All the good names were taken….”

Rachel Pool: Explain, in ten words or less, the music scene in Vancouver. It's a thriving hotbed of talent. What made you choose the name, ACTORS? It felt just interesting enough. All the good names were taken and Duran Duran Duran was too…
Spectacle 1

Review & Interview: Push Button Press – Spectacle 1

The new album Spectacle 1 by Push Button Press came to me courtesy of Andreas Herrmann of Cold Transmission. I feel like everything Andy has been backing in the post punk scene has been an automatically must hear album and this did not disappoint.…