2019 Michael Budde

Creux Lies | Night Nail | VV & The Void in Slaughterhouse, Berlin 14.06.2019

On 14.06.2019 the well-known Berlin event series "Passion Of Lovers" presented three bands from Cleopatra Records. VV & The Void, Night Nail and Creux Lies, three bands from the post-punk and wave environment appeared at the Slaughterhouse. A better location could not have been chosen, as the small club was perfect for such bands and club concerts.

Concert-Review: Second Still and Juno Francis, Schokoladen, Berlin, 27/05/2019

Week after week, admission prices of less than ten euros attract numerous music fans to Schokoladen Berlin. On the last Monday in May Juno Francis and Second Still were guests there. Second Still are currently on their Violet Phase EU tour, which takes the Los Angeles band through 10 European countries.
Kill Shelter - Damage

Album-Review: Kill Shelter – Damage [Cold-Wave, Dark-Wave, Post-Punk]

This is an album I can’t stop playing. Edinburgh based Pete Burns has found such a fresh take in a saturated post punk world. He has created such an eclectic mixture of styles both old and new. His beats and production are crisp and haunted.

Album review: Creux Lies – The Hearth

What if you made The Cure Disintegration but gave it razor sharp teeth? The drums had more snap. The guitar lines had that same entrancing delay but with more motion. Ean Clevenger has an obvious Robert Smith quality to his voice, yet where Smith focused more on a tongue and cheek sass.

Concert review: Morgue Poetry & New Days Delay Schokoladen Berlin

On April 26, 2019, neo-folk band Morgue Poetry and the post synthpop-punk New Days Delay played in the Berliner Schokoladen.

Festivalreview: Dark Spring Festival, Berlin 03/23/2019

The Dark Spring Festival celebrates its 10th birthday! Once again, this event proves that small independent events are on the rise, and post-punk, gothic-rock and wave are not just old-time music. Especially in this day and age, many fans and bands are returning to the sounds of guitar. Find our festival review here!
Orcus Nullify - Deathhag

Orcus Nullify – Death Hag [Dark-Wave – Review and interview]

So Orcus Nulify is a wonderful project by Bruce Nullify out of South Carolina. Bruce is one of those wonderful people in this scene that is always going out of his way to help everyone else in the scene around him.

Crying Vessel – A Beautiful Curse/Illusions (Album review incl. interview)

This is an exciting review to write, I have been wanting to talk about “A Beautiful Curse” for a while now but I have been holding off in anticipation of Illusions coming out. I'm glad I waited because now I get to write my first two album combo review and I don't think I could have chosen a better band than Crying Vessel. Crying Vessel began as a project between Slade Templeton and Basil Oberli as an art concept that found legs and has grown into some of the finest post punk/Synthwave/dark dance fusion coming out of Europe and spreading it's dark wings across the world. It takes a lot of what is familiar and beautiful about classic dark music and infuses it with a jolt of electricity and sizzle.
Palais Ideal - No Signal