Our friends from Cold Transmission are copresenting another dark-wave event in the next summer. In Saarbrücken very near the border to France there will be a special event. This Eternal Decay will play a full set and is supported bei European Ghost.

THIS ETERNAL DECAY (IT) (Industrial/Dark-Wave/Synth-Pop)


This Eternal Decay is the new side project from Riccardo Sabetti (Spiral69), Pasquale Vico (Date at Midnight) and Andrea Freda (Spiritual Front). The sound of the combo based in Rome, is a melt of Industrial, Dark Wave and Synth Pop well mixed in the first record „I Choose an Eternity of This“.

„I Choose an Eternity of This“
(Trisol ©2018)

The three protagonists behind the promising newcomer combo This Eternal Decay are actually well-known faces from the Italian wave scene, among them multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Riccardo Sabetti (Spiral69), bassist Pasquale Vico (Date at Midnight) and drummer Andrea Freda (Spiritual Front, Spiral69). Together the three thoroughbred musicians indulge their passion for sombre, romantic darkwave, mixed with cool industrial sequences and gently flowing melodic synthpop. ‘I Choose an Eternity of This’ is the first fruit from Rome’s creative sound forge, which comfortably assimilates three decades of musical history and which on these nine powerful album tracks concentrates on the essential, most important elements. The tracks radiate a pleasant, occasionally nebulous coolness and have their roots in the early works of the Cure and Killing Joke right up to Joy Division and Bauhaus. This atmospheric spirit is rounded off by minimalistic beats and synth melodies that are at the same time seductive, intensely celestial and which draw you into their spell. This results in a multifaceted, dynamic and thoroughly captivating symbiosis. Songs such as the pulsating ‘Away’, the promising single spin-off ‘Eternity’, which bears traces of Depeche Mode-like elements, and the dreamy, bittersweet ‘The Abyss’ are magnificent, extremely multifaceted darkwave numbers with a growing addictive factor and irresistibly appealing bleakness. An absolutely thrilling debut from this unholy Roman alliance.

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