Return To The Batcave Festival 2019

Next edition of Return To The Batcave Festival will take place between 10 and 12 October 2019. 3 days of crazy oldschool deathrock / goth-punk / post-punk / wave DIY private party with 16 bands, several DJs and batcave family army from all around the world.


  • Twisted Nerve (UK)
  • BFG (UK)
  • 1919 (UK)
  • Then Comes Silence (SE)
  • Minuit Machine (FR)
  • Traitrs (CA)
  • Pawns (USA)
  • Esses (USA)
  • Nox Novacula (USA)
  • Molchat Doma (BY)
  • Dividing Lines (DE)
  • Kadeadkas (DE)
  • Bragolin (NL)
  • Causa De Muerte (CL)
  • Anatomy (USA)
  • Hände (PL)


Jagiellonczyka 10c/d
Wroclaw (Poland)


Tickets are available under

If you order a compilation for 280 Zlotzy (64,13 Euro) you will get a free ticket for the festival.

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