WHOLE live in Berlin

Berlin based synth-pop/wave duo Whole played to a standing full-capacity (~1000) crowd at Kesselhaus in der Kulturbrauerei Saturday, the 23rd of February. 1/2 of the band consists of the prolific Alexander Leonard Donat, whose other musical projects include the dream-punk of Fir Cone Children which features collaborations with singer Krissy Vanderwoude of dream-pop band Whimsical, and his intense solo dark-wave project Vlimmer, which I highly recommend checking out. All of Alex’s musical projects can be found on the label that he also runs known as Blackjack Illuminist Records, which boasts a diverse roster of artists besides. The other half of the band consists of Thomas Schernikau, whose other band, Forced to Mode, a Depeche Mode tribute band, were headlining the evening.

Though the majority of the crowd were no doubt there to see Forced to Mode, they responded very warmly and enthusiastically to Whole’s great-sounding set that was delivered with earnest passion and great energy. Alex and Thomas were in total sync and delivered an excellent set of tunes from their debut album, Bias, which can be purchased here in digital, cassette, or hand-made cd format.