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COLD TRANSMISSION is an International label and music promotion service based near Frankfurt am Main,Germany. We see ourselves as an independent label to help promote and support fresh, up-and-coming and interesting Post-Punk, Coldwave, Shoegaze, New Wave, Goth and Darkwave bands and artists. We run a regular Mixcloud show as well as organising gigs, concerts, parties and events.

Silent Runners - The Directory
Cold Transmission - Cold Treffen
Cold Transmission - Cold Love
Cold Transmission and Closed Mouth present "COLD MEMORIES"
merch The Graveyard Compilation by S Y Z Y G Y X
Palais Ideal - Pressure Points (Release Date May, 25 2019)
Cold Transmission Cold Pentecost Nachtplan Special
LA MÉCANIQUE - Dernier Voyage Release May, 10 2019
Palais Ideal are back! After signing at Cold Transmission the artists John Edwards and Richard van Kruysdijk from the Netherlands are releasing the first single "Programme" from the upcoming album "Pressure Points".
Zeitgeist Volume 9 - Cold-Wave and New-Wave compilation by Cold Transmission
Cold Transmission - Zeitgeist Volume 8
Cold Programme: This week Cold Transmission features in cooperation with Palais Ideal tracks from Japan Suicide, European Ghost, Silent Runners and many more.
Cold Transmission - Cold Runaways
The Bluebeards Castle - Beyond the door is the first release
Cold Transmission - Cold Voyage
Cold Trasmission presents Cold Escape the new mix on Mixcloud.Cold Transmisson
Closed Mouth - [ONE]
Cold Transmission - Cold Anniversary
Elz and the cult - psychodrama cold transmission edition
Cold Beats
Cold Strangers
Spectacle 1
Spectacle 1
Cold Transmission Music Logo
Cold Transmission Festival 2019
Cold Echoes
Zeitgeist Vol 6