Dark Spring Festival 2019


23.03.2019, 6 PM – 05 AM

Line Up 2019

  • Children on Stun (UK)
  • Then Comes Silence (SWE)
  • Golden Apes (GER)
  • Whispers in the Shadow (A)
  • The Foreign Resort (DK)
  • Giant Waves (RUS)



Online Tickets via: www.apes.1a-shops.eu or: www.koka36.de

About the bands:


With a reputation as a great live band, ‚Children on Stun‘ mix goth rock, punk and a dash of energetic pop to regularly teeter on the edge of triumph and disaster.
Children on Stun are Neil Ash [Vocals], Kyle Whipp [Bass] & Gordon Young [Guitar – Ex-Dream Disciples]

Originally signed to Cleopatra Records [USA] and M&A Musicart [Sweden] the band recorded several albums and Singles between 1991-98 [Tourniquets of Loves Desire, Overland, Mondo Weird]. After extensive touring the band split in 1998 with a sold out show at Camden Underworld, London.
After a break of 17 years the group reformed, playing another chaotic sold-out show at the O2 Islington Academy 2 in London. Sadly original member and guitarist Simon Manning passed away a few weeks after the show.

Now touring with a new line-up and with recording finished the band will be showcasing new material ‚Echoes‘ due for March release.


The quartet from Stockholm, the Swedish captains of postpunk is the gothic renaissance, where the darkness is kicked around in irresistible energy. Then Comes Silence will with their hammering rhythms and strong melodies make hearts melt and make the blood freeze.
The sharp soundscape which sometimes cut through the air is intense in a way that hits right in the face. The sound is massive and pounding and the lyrics are flirting with death and sorrow. It’s goth, psychedelica, rock and post-punk in a symbiosis.
The fascination for doom and darkness is a still point of the turning world and influences every tune and word by the band.
From Then Comes Silence’s first show ever as the opening act for A Place to Bury Strangers in 2012 until today the band have been signed to Nuclear Blast, supported Fields of The Nephilim, Chameleons Vox, toured frequently around Europe and released four full-length albums. Their music is attracting attention widely and is praised for its apocalyptic sound and dystopian message.
The music of Then Comes Silence guides the listener through a journey of swinging postpunk across the shadows of goth-gaze into scraps of coal hearted psych. Growing up listening to Killing Joke, Black Sabbath and The Dead Kennedys among many others have shown the clear direction of the band’s spirit.


After four years Austria’s longest living Gothic/Post Punk band returns to the stage with their ninth album THE URGENCY OF NOW (Solar Lodge). An album deeply rooted in the here and now, an album that could only have been written during the last year. After their cyclic conceptual work about occultism and magic that has spawned over their last four albums, it’s time once more to find new ways of creativity and expression. New font, logo, new cover artwork style, even in their 21st year of existence WITS are open to walk the unknown path that leads to a sound unheard of by the band so far.
Raw, direct, without keyboards and atmospheric sounds the music provides the soil for the on point and almost uncomfortable urgent lyrics. Lines like: No one controls the controls. Detractors on the rise. Spreading twisted truths and true lies” (from Detractors) and “Here come the colors. Here come the lights. Trumpets instead of flutes.” (from The Rat King) speak for themselves.


The Foreign Resort – a mix of dark new wave and explosive post-punk.
Hailing from Copenhagen, Denmark, the band combines the shadowy mysticism of The Cure’s Pornography era with a driving production aesthetic akin to LCD Soundsystem. Intricate reverb-enveloped guitar lines glide over Steffan Petersen’s motorik bass and Morten Hansen’s powerful drumming, all while Mikkel Borbjerg Jakobsen’s taut and sincere vocal delivery demands your attention.

The Foreign Resort have toured relentlessly, addicted to the allure of America’s lost highways, sharing bills with bands like Cold Cave, DIIV, The Soft Moon, She Past Away, The KVB, Slowdive, Minor Victories, Ash Code and many more. Since 2010, the band has been rigorous in playing more than 420 shows across North America and Europe with performances at several festivals incl. SXSW, Iceland Airwaves, Wave Gotik Treffen, Canadian Music Week, POP Montreal and Nocturnal Culture Night. The trio will continue playing shows at venues and festivals throughout 2018 while preparing their next full length release on Artoffact Records in 2019, preceded by the single “She is Lost“.


Are coming back with the new album “The Right Heart”. These new songs are the great mix of post-punk, gothic-rock and coldwave styles and riffs. The band is one of the oldest gothic-rock and coldwave groups in Russia. Formed in 2004 as The Imaginary Stigma in Volgograd, musicians were raised up on goth and coldwave classics, found their unique sound and released “Gifts of imagination” in 2009, worked with many famous European bands, such as Skeletal Family, Vendemmian, Last days of Jesus and Two Witches, played many shows around Russia with lots of famous European formations like Diary of Dreams, Golden Apes, De/Vision, Lowe, Minereve, Torul, Soviet Soviet and took part in first Russian gothic festival “Dark Entries”, lumous Gothic Festival (Finland).Then, the band changed the line-up and the name to Giant Waves in 2014. They released “Solidarność” in 2015 and according to Side-line Magazine, “it deals with imaginary hybrid between Big Country (for some of the carrying guitar parts) and The Lords Of The New Church for the new-wave & post-punk inspiration and interesting eclectic approach, which also unleashes a few dreamy passages spiced with some melancholia”. A new album “The Right Heart” is a wonderfull release for those, who like goth and coldwave tunes.

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