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Delphine Coma published his last album „Leaving the Scene“ in 2018. Our friends from „Sounds and Shadows“ wrote a review earlier this year and had a chat with singer and songwriter Ashe Rüppe about his intentions.

Sounds and Shadows: Your latest album title “Leaving the Scene” is a bold statement. What scene are you leaving?

The title has both literal and figurative meanings. I like that it’s open for interpretation, but In many ways it was in reference to my frustration with the music scene I’d been involved with for decades. It became stagnant and I was ready to move on, which is why I decided to work with a European label. Since then, there has been quite a movement happening. It’s a very exciting time in the U.S. and the world for that matter, from a musical perspective.

My first glimpse at your band was your track on Kill Shelter’s “Damage” album. Tell me about what it was like working with Pete and what was it you wanted to say about your “damage” that came through in the song?

Working with Pete on “In Decay” was awesome. Very professional and very organized. Pete approached me with a studio rough of “In Decay” which featured Karl Morten Dahl from Antipole on guitar. It was explained to me, the song was inspired by my track “Is This Forever” and I was asked if I would be interested in recording vocals for the track. After hearing the rough track, I was certainly interested and joined the project. Ultimately, my contribution consisted of a slight arrangement tweak, a guitar track towards the end of the track and, of course, I provided vocals. The lyrics were written by Pete, I only provided my voice. Perhaps some of my own damage is apparent in my delivery of Pete’s words.

You had an impact this year, this album showed up on many best of 2018 lists. Did that surprise you?

I was shocked, quite frankly. I didn’t think anyone would even take the time to bother listening to the album, much less put it alongside so many great albums released in 2018. Absolutely humbled by the response.

What is your ideal outcome for 2019?

The main goal for 2019 is playing live. Making videos and playing live.

So many new bands are finding a voice in the current scene. Who would be your dream to play with right now ? Who do you respect that gives you hope for the future?

As I mentioned earlier, it’s a really great time for music right now, all over the world. It’s a very exciting time to be a part of the music scene we’re a part of. I’ve not played live in quite some time, honestly. I’ve had the fortune of sharing the stage with many of my favorite bands over the years and I’m really looking forward to sharing the stage with many more. There are so many great bands out there right now, I’d be happy to play with just about any of them.

I respect all of the great bands out there right now giving it a go, particularly in the United States. The music scene almost crawled to an utter standstill, but there are so many bands getting together now, playing and releasing great music, it can’t be ignored. More bands are touring, more bands are coming from Europe to tour now, more festivals are happening now, and more people are attending shows. All of this gives me hope for the future of underground music in the U.S.

So my personal favorite track is “We Never Sleep?” It’s atmospheric and dangerous as fuck. Do you write songs from a personal stance about your life, or from a storytelling one? What was going on in your life when you wrote this track?

All of my songs come from a very personal place. Needless to say, I wasn’t in a particularly happy place when this song was written, or any song on the album for that matter. Life was going on.

Amendoa added a new dynamic to your sound. What was the greatest contribution Amendoa made to this album? How is the sound going to go to the next level with her influence?

Amendoa entered the picture when I was recording the final track for the album, ‘Touch’. Her greatest contribution to the album was collaborating with me to write the lyrics for the track. Moving forward I expect her influence will be much in the same way as it was then. Incorporating Amendoa on synths as well as guitar for live will most certainly bleed over into recording new material as well.

If you had a Delorean and could travel back in time what would you say to 21 year old you? Would they listen?

Always listen to Hunter S. Thompson.

I believe 21 year old ‘me’ would listen to current ‘me’ unless I showed up wearing khakis and a Maroon 5 shirt.

What is something about your music you put a lot of heart and soul into but you think often gets overlooked? What is the thing you thought always was so clear but people just don’t seem to hear and give you feedback on?

Well, my songs were never meant to have only one way of looking at them. I’m ok with everything not being so cut and dry.

Now we gotta get dark: If the Devil offered you a crossroads deal, what would you sell your soul for?

Never ending sushi.

Interview by: Sound and Shadows

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