Peer Lebrecht (Golden Apes) starts solo project VOYNA with crowdfunding campaign

Last year we already reported on the last album of the Golden ApesKasbek„, which could be financed through a crowdfunding campaign thanks to the high popularity of the fans.

Now singer Peer Lebrecht goes his own way, of course without leaving the Golden Apes. For this purpose he and the following information:

What started just as a thought while working on “Kasbek” during last year’s autumn, soon became a flame and then a fire and has now risen in the shape of VOYNA, solo-project of Golden Apes frontman Peer Lebrecht. “The Cinvat Bridge” is its debut’s title, planned for release in autumn / winter 2020. It will contain 14 tracks spanning from New Wave to Post-Punk to Artrock to even psychedelic textures. For helping to realize the production and release of „The Cinvat Bridge“, VOYNA is launching a crowdfunding campaign, starting on May, the 15th on

There you can not only buy the album first, but you also find some specially designed shirts, artworks and other items exclusively made for this campaign.

Have a look at and give your support to this extraordinary musical project and help crossing “The Cinvat Bridge”!