VOYNA The Cinvat Bridge – Release 13.3.2021

Last year we reported about the StartNext campaign with which Golden Apes singer Peer Lebrecht wanted to realize his solo project. After raising more than 7,000 Euros for the production of his first album, we can now finally marvel at the fruits of the production. The idea for this had already arisen with the last Golden Apes album „Kasbek“, with which the band reached its zenith so far.

But for singer Peer there was more, more than he could pack into the Golden Apes album. The desire for a parallel idea grew, so why not try something different? Just the name of the project „VOYNA“, which stands for the word „war“ in Russian, speaks volumes! On StartNext, Peer describes the project as follows:

…and sometimes you realize that the story could have taken another way too and how tempting it would be to walk both. VOYNA is this other way, the path that mirrors experiences and sensations, musical homelands and artistic wanderlust… And the songs on “The Cinvat Bridge” are the cobblestones, mined in a heart and a head, paved to some new kind of horizon…

What awaits us as on „The Cinvat Bridge“, the bridge that souls must cross to reach the realm of the dead? With the 14 tracks Peer accompanies us on our journey and also leads us musically to new horizons. On the one hand he remains true to the familiar sounds of post-punk and wave and on the other hand skillfully uses elements from art rock for his music.

Slower, melancholic and fast tracks alternate perfect. The listener gets the chance to be caught by the deep and unique voice of Peer and very good danceable music.

Also by the length of the album you notice that Peer has enough to say and how many ideas he could collect on this album. The result is a complex work that does not have to hide behind the Golden Apes or other bands. For all fans of post-punk and wave, this release is certainly something that you should listen to and buy!


01 – Provenance
02 – Refraction
03 – Crimson Skies
04 – The Sky And A Grain
05 – Clean
06 – Bones
07 – Fractal King
08 – Swarmlands
09 – Ocean
10 – Zernikov
11 – For The Flames
12 – ForherEyes
13 – Golem
14 – Ashes

The album can be ordered digitally via Bandcamp for 10,00 EUR or as CD for 15 EUR:


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