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  • Nothing Valentine – Civil Unrest
    by Adrian Kjøsnes on 7. July 2020

    Nothing Valentine is the latest project by Darrin Lewis who during the latter part of 2019 released the first single “#GothGirl“. Where the first single leaned towards a blend of industrial and pop Civil Unrest takes a que from Lewis`previous band Beside The Silence with more of a metal edge to it while still retatining

    by Adrian Kjøsnes on 3. July 2020

    The Cult Sounds is a band I dscovered somewhat recently and immediatly fell in love with. They make the most wonderfully dark yet dreamy rock music which leaves no question abou their influences and yet manage to carve out their own sound in the process. Having one self-titled EP along with a string of singles

    by Adrian Kjøsnes on 3. July 2020

    The world of modular synthesis is a world of infinite possibilities. To build your own personalized instrument with the ability to switch out each and every part as you go along you can truly craft your own sound which others will be hard-pressed to replicate. While modular synthesis might summon either images of what looks

  • Tomorrow is Bandcamp Day! Instead of Ken’s Hot Releases. I’m going to write about OUR hot releases Comrades.
    by soundsandshadows (Ken Magerman) on 3. July 2020

    So the other day I posed a challenge on Facebook to send me a band you are loving that you are not in. You did not disappoint! So I will fire through a bunch of quick shot reviews sent to me by our readers! Music for the people!!! Remember tomorrow Bandcamp waves their fees and

  • My goth soul is burning in this Sun, but also from these hot new releases
    by soundsandshadows (Ken Magerman) on 2. July 2020

    Add 1 part vodka, 1 part lemonade, 1 part ice tea, 1 part these sweet new sounds. Shake that ass, and pour into the internet to share the party with the world.