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  • Cold Transmission Makes It Easy
    by soundsandshadows (Ken Magerman) on 29. November 2020

    Sometimes being a music reviewer is hard. Mainly because I am lazy. So rather than digging through my stacks tonight in search of new music. I will turn to the very trustworthy source of Cold Transmission Music and their new Zeitgeist 13. CT takes great pride in their ear for fresh worldwide talent. So this compilation is a wonderful place to get 32 handpicked bands masterly mastered by the amazing Pete Burns for under $5. These were my first […]

  • What am I thankful for this November? Bandcamp Day!
    by soundsandshadows (Ken Magerman) on 19. November 2020

    As the world tilts and tumbles and the chill settles into the land. What is the new music that I am feasting on this Bandcamp day? I just did the review and interview with Raymond Watts and I am a bit star struck and over the moon. You all know S & S for new up and coming bands so lets talk about what just came out.

  • Review of “Pain Is God”
    by soundsandshadows (Ken Magerman) on 19. November 2020

    A name that needs no introduction a synonymous part of Industrial/Electronica music for as many decades as I have on this earth Raymond Watts has a new album. Rather as , KMFDM, Schwein, or countless remix collaborations for everyone in the scene Pig has continued to leave a mark for the effective sound smiting and adventurous forays into every nook and cranny of the EDM spectrum. No filth or madness was too deep for his snout to seek out […]

  • Witchhands: Unto Death
    by soundsandshadows (Ken Magerman) on 7. November 2020

    There are times you just know. Something mystical about a good cover that seems to communicate something of the band, something about the album you are just about to listen to. Something just let's you know you are about to hear something great

  • Review of Shadow Assembly: Arcane Fusion
    by soundsandshadows (Ken Magerman) on 5. November 2020

    One of the things I love most about the current Goth/Industrial is the sense of community. If there is pettiness or competition between this wave of post goth, I am yet to see it. Having that level of support for each others projects can lead to some beautiful artistic cross over and collaboration. Michael Louis of Chronic Twilight took a twisted ritual dagger and jammed it in his own ego to birth the modern goth superband Shadow Assembly.