Antipole was recently featured on the Kill Shelter debut album „Damage“ and also IAMTHESHADOW’s latest album „Embracing Fhe Fall“. Perspectives is a series of remixes by a wide selection of contemporary Darkwave and Coldwave artists. Each artist has put their unique mark and perspective on an Antipole track. Special thanks to all the bands involved and to Pete at Kill Shelter for post-production and additional mastering.

The album is also available on all digital platforms since 2. November 2018 on Spotify, Deezer, ITunes etc.

Track list:

  • 1. Closer ft Eirene – Ash Code Remix
  • 2. Deco Blue ft Mats Davidsen – Delphine Coma Remix
  • 3. Shadow Lover ft Paris Alexander – Agent Side Grider Remix
  • 4. October Novel ft Paris Alexander | Eirene – Iamtheshadow Remix
  • 5. Narcissus ft Paris Alexander – Kill Shelter Remix
  • 6. Someday 45 – Warsaw Pact Remix
  • 7. Part Deux ft Eirene – Paris Alexander Remix
  • 8. Summer Never Ends ft Paris Alexander – Kiss of The Whip Remix
  • 9. Dans l’entrée ft Paris Alexander | Eirene – Blackskull | She Pleasures Herself Remix
  • 10 .Suburban Valve – Antiflvx Remix
  • 11. All Alone ft Paris Alexander – Kill Shelter Remix
  • 12. Le Châtelet ft Paris Alexander – Reconverb Remix
  • 13. Distant fall ft Paris Alexander – One Man Standing Remix
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