Cold Tunes


  1. Kill Shelter    Cold Transmission Intro (by Kill Shelter)
  2. Joy/Disaster    Dealer of Life
  3. Lotus Feed    Pressure
  4. The Twilight Sad    VTr
  5. KILL SHELTER    The Happening ft Killjoi
  6. Angel’s Arcana    Black Roses
  7. Long Nights    It’s All Gone
  8. The Purge    Is He Alive
  9. 1919    Anxiety
  10. Visions In Clouds    Fourteen
  11. The Dead Souls    Stupid Boy
  12. Beauty In Chaos     Man Of Faith ft. Wayne Hussey
  13. Creux Lies    Made
  14. Antipole    Suburban Valve – Antiflvx Remix
  15. Continues    Unsweetened
  16. Lycia    Mist
  17. Polyverso    Deaf
  18. Concavity    Forget Me
  19. IAMX    Mile Deep Hollow (Single Rework)
  20. ELZ AND THE CULT    Faith in Me.
  21. Perturbator    Creature
  22. LA MÉCANIQUE    Blablabla (french maybe)
  23. S Y Z Y G Y X    Kill the Pain
  24. BUZZ KULL    Existence
  25. Kris Baha    In Your Arms
  26. BELLADONNA GRAVE    Change of Heart
  27. kline coma xero    Voices From The Past
  28. Mater Suspiria Vision    Karussell der Puppen
  29. Pass/Ages    As It Rises
  30. Grey Gallows    On the dancefloor
  31. UIU    The Sorrow of Yesterday
  32. Glaring    Aversion
  33. AN_NA    A Wall
  34. Kill Shelter    Cold Transmission Outro (by Kill Shelter)
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