Obsenity State is a new Dark-Wave, Cold-Wave and Post-Punk Project from London. We received the promising video from the first single release „Shine“. It will be released on Feb 21st 2019.

About Obsenity State

Passion, blood ties and cultural complexity drove the cinematic vision behind Nilly Brook’s Obscenity State. Driven by her experience growing up in a family torn by revolution, Nilly became hyper-aware of the corruption of power in its various forms from an early age. Seeking clarity, she immersed herself in world politics, art, animation and music, processing and transforming the energies around her. What emerged was an evolving creative force culminating in Obscenity State’s debut EP Break the Mould due for release on May 21st 2019.

Poetically transcending the ages, Obscenity State transfix listeners with their unique blend of electronica, post-punk sonics, twisting female vocals and intense dance rhythms. Performing as a four-piece act, audio-reactive visuals, abstract art and animations weave into their performance, submerging the audience into their alternative world.

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