Revonverb - Heraldik EP

Reconverb releases their EP „Heraldik“ today on Cold Transmission Music. Please listen to the EP on the Bandcamp page. You will find the link below in this article.

About Reconcerb

RECONVERB is an Aarhus-based solo project by Helge Vammen. The instrumental tracks combine elements of the post punk legacy as well as influences of the early 80’s cold wave and even dark ambient music. Helge Vammen, a former professional athlete, has been exploring music over the years but didn’t start recording music until the end of 2017. At the age of 25 he bought his first guitar – a sunburst Fender Jazzmaster that he eventually learned how to play. The interest in offset guitars developed and later he started mixing the surfy sounds of Fender Jazzmasters, Jaguars and a six string bass with dark analog synthesizers creating atmospheric and powerful music.

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