SYZYGYX – Fading Bodies

The long awaited new album of the US-American band S Y Z Y G Y X was released on 11.10.2019. On the 15 tracks of the album „Fading Bodies“ you can expect a very danceable mixture of electronic sounds and the unique voice of Luna Blanc.

The album follows the cycle of the human body from birth till death, and dealing with all of life’s experiences in between the beginning and end. The artwork of „Fading Bodies“ represents the reincarnation, continuing the cycle onward. Vocalist/Producer Luna Blanc goes further into what inspired them to record the album.

Our inspiration comes primarily from the our human existence, and the meaning of it. We also believe in the beauty of sound, if you can close your eyes and feel something when you listen, we’ve accomplished what we mean to do. We believe everything has a sound: the Universe, the sun, the moon, our surroundings. That is where our inspiration comes from. We are deeply connected to our spirit, and our soul, as those are directly connected to sound.

Tracklist SYZYGYX – Fading Bodies:

1.Birth (Intro)
2.Hold Tight
3.Immerse in Doom
4.Die Like a Rockstar
5.Fragile, Handle with Care
6.Planet X
7.Ultra Doll
8.Lost in Paradise
9.Last Night
10.Dangerous Creature
11.Endless Daggers
12.Play with Fire
13.Time Are Hard for Dreamers
14.Pins and Needles
15.Fury (Outro)

The new album from SYZYGYX was released in cooperation between the US-based label Negative Gain Productions and the german label Cold Transmission. „Fading Bodies“ is available on CD (not US/Canada ) and digital download.