The Certainly Of Forever

Today we got a preview from the newest album of „The Dream Collision“.  After reading these lines, we were very excited about what to expect.

„The newest album from Pedro Code (IAMTHESHADOW) The Dream Collision & The Certainty of Forever, featuring musicians like Matt Howden, Vitor Moreira, Herr G and Gonçalo Mota will release 03/01/19. An adventurous and emotive offering that hearkens to time when artists poured such heart wrenching emotion through a filter of pure beauty and passion that one can truly know having their soul stirred. Stripped and raw with lush melodies brought forth by his signature dulcet baritone sound to blend with violins and piano. This album is offering defiance of our dark and endangered human condition with an intellectual beauty of sound lost in the modern era. Enjoy your experience.“

Sounds And Shadows

The Dream Collision is another project of the Portuguese Pedro Code, with which he can realize the quieter sounds impressively. Pedro’s haunting deep voice in combination with the orchestral sounds combine on the album into a fantastic sound carpet. On 20 epic songs you will experience a journey through Pedro’s universe.

You will get 2 CDs full of spiritual, ethereal, Dark-Wave songs.

The Certainty of Forever by The Dream Collision

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CD 1:

  1. In Fear
  2. Made to Break
  3. Cutting Deep
  4. To Give
  5. Sail The Right Winds
  6. The Skin and The Flesh
  7. A Place To Find Your Soul (Part 1)
  8. Blackbirds
  9. Fight
  10. The Dream Collision

CD 2:

  1. Thru Th Empty Spaces
  2. A Place To Find Your Soul (Part 2)
  3. It Seems Like (Mother)
  4. To The Moon
  5. No Skies
  6. Beneath The Skin
  7. The Dance
  8. You, Vampire
  9. Everything In The Nothingness
  10. The Certainly Of Forever

More information and preorder:

The official release date is Mar 01st, 2019.


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