Album-Review: Golden Apes – Kasbek

Since last week the new album release from Berlin’s Golden Apes is on the (virtual) shelves. So, what can we expect from the new album „Kasbek“, for which many have long been waiting for? Can bandleader Peer Lebrecht and his band once again surpass their last album „M A L V S“?

„Kasbek“ is the essence and creativity of the couple of years. On the album is also the title „Deliverance“, which has been played at the band’s concerts for some time. Also well known is the title „Vaykova (The Healing)“, which you can already hear on Bandcamp.

Golden Apes are releasing their new album KASBEK

Golden Apes are releasing their new album KASBEK

Golden Apes are known for their melancholic atmospheric sounds and their complex lyrics and they continue on this path on the upcoming album. The „Kasbek“, incidentally, is a mountain that forms the border between Russia and Georgia. On the album, we accompany the band on a sometimes rocky and personal aural journey to the summit, as the listener also experiences a glimpse into the singer’s soul.

Questions of doubt, fear and mistrust of us and loved ones occupy many people. We ask ourselves, do we follow our own path and is it the right one? Maybe we have to leave the path completely. Can people change, can they change their beliefs?

In addition to these thought-provoking themes, the album gives us a rock music rock sound with beautiful post-punk bass. With cleanly produced, faster numbers alternating with slightly slower tracks on this 12-song album, „Kasbek“ is never boring or goes too much in one direction.

This upcoming Golden Apes album was created over the course of 2018 and will be released in time for the 20th anniversary of the band. It includes the song „Dust & Dew“ also a duet with the Canadian singer Shannon Hemmett („Leathers“ and „Actors“). To bring this album into realization, the band successfully used a crowdfunding campaign, which proves the great interest of their dedicated fans in having more music from this band.

Tracklist “Kasbek”

  1. Oblivion
  2. Vento
  3. Kasbek
  4. Deliverance *
  5. Voykova [The Healing]
  6. Clouds´ Silver Lining *
  7. Dust And Dew (featuring Shannon Hemmett)
  8. Sleep
  9. Interference *
  10. Morbus Me
  11. Home *
  12. Parting

* only on CD and as Download

The album will be released as CD, Download and limited edition Vinyl.

Order: The album can be ordered here:

Tour Dates 2019

  • 07.06. Leipzig (GER) – Wave Gotik Treffen
  • 22.06. Hannover (GER) – Bruit de la Cave Festival
  • 12.07. Tampere (FIN) – Lumous Festival
  • 20.07. Nienborg (GER) – Moonlight Musiknacht
  • 24.08. Berlin (GER) – Lido
  • 13.09. Hamburg (GER)- MS-Stubnitz
  • 28.11. Oberhausen (GER) – Kulttempel
  • 30.11. Leipzig (GER) – Grey Days Festival

Source: Translation from by Judith Reumont

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