Zeitgeist Vol. 12

Black in back! Our friends from Cold Transmission released their next amazing sampler! Zeitgeist Vol. 12 Includes songs by S Y Z Y G Y X, Bedless BonesMängelexemplar ft. Photographs of God, Curse MackeyAlex SindromeDas Noir (exclusive remix), LA MÉCANIQUE (unreleased song), Carlo OndaNao KatafuchiA Copy For CollapseELZ and the CULT, SINE, SKEMER, Data-Bank-A, Art DiktatorBlack Sun DreamerVestron VultureThe PurgeClimas InterioresCold MedicineAge AgeopfI .- I eaux saines IIntersignoMeldamorMarta Raya, CryptoChroma ft. Violet Candide, Oberst Panizza, Another Dream and bonus track from Sydney Valette.

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