COLD TRANSMISSION presents COLD TAPE 08.07.19 (no. 75)

Do you remember your old mixtapes? Cold Transmission guides us back into past times but enjoyes us with a lot of new tracks from Goldes Apes, Ritual Howls, The Devil & The Universe and many more.


Kill Shelter Cold Transmission Intro (by Kill Shelter)
Angels Of Liberty – Alpha Draconis
Crystal Soda Cream – Cease all Life
TON 8 – Truemmer
KILL SHELTER – In Decay ft Antipole & Delphine Coma
Shadow Assembly – Languish
Naked Lunch – Razor’s Kiss
Golden Apes – Deliverance
Siberia – Memphis
Shanghai Beach – Did You Get Everything You Wanted?
Ritual Howls – I Can Hear Your Tears
Jakuzi – Ne Teselli Ne Avuntu
Control Room – War
DILK – I Can’t Figure It Out
Mannequin – Lines
Death Loves Veronica – Strange Pictures
The Devil & The Universe – Altamond Apocalypse
Elz and the Cult – Growing Pains
Vestron Vulture – Suicide Club
S Y Z Y G Y X – Avoid the Void
Dancing Plague – No Life
Human 80 – La fabrica de la muerte
Boy Harsher – Tears (Silent Servant Remix)
Halo Effect – Let The Stars Can Shine Away (L’Avenir Shine Hard Mix)
LA MÉCANIQUE – Balade d’ennui
Oberst Panizza – Pflanzen unter dem Eis
Mueran Humanos – Los Problemas del Futuro / Problems of The Future
Frust – Quartz
Fornicata – Snowflake
Climas Interiores – Un país
Стереополина – Немое кино
fopmusic – I wish that you were here(Jun-19)
Bedless Bones – Lip Labor
Kill Shelter – Cold Transmission Outro (by Kill Shelter)

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