Concert review: Morgue Poetry & New Days Delay Schokoladen Berlin 04/26/2019

On April 26, 2019, neo-folk band Morgue Poetry and the post synthpop-punk New Days Delay played in the Berliner Schokoladen. This is a wonderful, enduring location in the heart of Berlin, where hip new art galleries mix with restaurants, bars and all-night stores to form an almost surreal mix. This melting pot could also convey today’s acts: Morgue Poetry is the solo project of the Wisborg singer Konstantin and performs not always quiet but rather gentler sounds, while New Days Delay put on a loud and punk-related riot.

The Schokoladen has a very intimate and living room – like atmosphere with a bar in the back. Due to the venue’s situation, live music is only permitted up until 10 pm, so concerts always start very punctually. Guests enjoy almost direct contact with the bands and are thus an immediate part of the show.

Morgue Poetry

After the release of their debut album „In the Absence of Light“ last November, through which post-punk / Gothic rocker Konstantin Michaely impressively expressed his silent, sensual and morbid side, he was finally able to present the songs live for the first time. Therefore, this performance with Morgue Poetry was of course exciting and joyful for him.

Included in the setlist were also three songs by Wisborg, with which the two musicians Konstantin and Nicolas have already been involved with for longer. The songs were played in acoustic versions and fitted perfectly with the whole performance. Nicolas also supported Konstantin as a live musician with Morgue Poetry.

These comrade-in-arms performed the song „Love is Blind“, in which Konstantin played piano and sang. By now the Schokoladen was very full and the warm applause for Morgue Poetry confirmed the audience’s pleasure at their presence on this evening’s program of contrasts.

To further applause the two artists left the stage at 8.50 pm and cleared the way for the main act of the evening.


  1. Lucifer
  2. Drunked & Wrecked
  3. Crucified
  4. Killing Spree
  5. Enlightenment
  6. Jehovah´s Witness
  7. Love is Blind
  8. Tonight
  9. Winter Falls
  10. Desire
  11. In the Haze of a Drunken Hour


New Days Delay

Hailing from Bremen, New Days Delay were founded in 1999 and has released two albums, with the last album „Erst der Blitz und dann“ unfortunately already 5 years ago. New Days Delay have already played at major festivals such as the Wave Gotik Treffen.

This band cannot be committed to just one genre, and they showed that this evening! In comparison to the previous sounds on stage, this mixture of singer Insa Knapp’s punk voice and pretty fast songs quickly energised the audience to dancing and jumping around. There was even a bit of ‘pogo-ing’ during the last few songs, which fortunately was not too extensive!

The band was under a lot of time pressure and tried hard to squeeze in as much of their extensive setlist into the tight hour of performance time. This was not easy and there was actually a fear that the electricity on stage would be shut off! In the end they were able to play all but two songs from the scheduled titles including the three encores. Overall it was a great stage performance, with good sound in a favorable location and the audience acknowledged this enjoyable evening with warm clapping and cheering.


  1. Vermutlich Hysterisch
  2. Zeitschliff durch Cortexresektion
  3. Travellers
  4. Tiny Monsters & Furry Little Creatures
  5. Formschön
  6. Synchronize
  7. Carnival
  8. Glassmade Saviour
  9. Android
  10. Unordnung
  11. Bombe
  12. Jugendbewegungslosigkeit
  13. Stereokatastrophe

Translation from: by Judith Reumont

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