Concert-Review: Second Still and Juno Francis, Schokoladen, Berlin, 27/05/2019

Week after week, admission prices of less than ten euros attract numerous music fans to Schokoladen Berlin. On the last Monday in May Juno Francis and Second Still were guests there. Second Still are currently on their Violet Phase EU tour, which takes the Los Angeles band through 10 European countries.

As support act in the German capital the band Juno Francis was part of it. The Berlin duo, originally from Sweden, skillfully mixes elements from the 60s with 80s synth sounds. All in white with a few black spots on Juno’s stage outfit the band performed. Their 45-minute performance was very successful. Voice and sound were really good, even if there were short interruptions of the technique in between.

You can get an impression of Juno Francis here:

Shortly after 9 pm the three musicians of Second Still entered the stage. Already at the Wave Gotik Treffen 2018 they caused a sensation in Germany. With their mixture of post-punk and cold-wave they met the taste of the audience in Berlin pretty well. The band has just released their latest album „Violet Phase„.

At times almost the entire crowd of fans moved rhythmically to the music. It gradually got really warm in the otherwise very pleasant location. Unfortunately the bands in the Schokoladen are only allowed to play until 10 o’clock, because the fans in the sold out club would have liked to hear more. After about an hour a great performance came to an end.

The conclusion of the evening: Those were two great bands in an incredibly cosy location.

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