Whispering Sons Tour 2019

Whispering Sons have been touring Europe since mid-October. This concert tour with the debut album „Image“ will continue until the end of March. The concerts in their native Belgium are already sold out. Support for this gig in club Hafenklang in Hamburg was the German band Wires and Lights.

Wires and Lights

At 8:15 pm, Wires and Lights began their performance in a club that was already very well filled half an hour before the concert began. This is quite unusual for this time, but was probably also due to the bad weather – everyone wanted to be there on time and in the warmth! The average age in the audience was relatively high, as is almost always at post-punk concerts. The clear guitar sound of the Berlin band was well received by the audience and the song „Swimming“ was greeted with some really big applause. With the stage already built for Whispering Sons, the band’s drummer was hidden in the corner behind the pillar but the rest of the musicians were clearly visible and mostly wrapped in red and white light. We particularly liked the bass-heavy song „Sleepers“, the penultimate in today’s set. After 35 minutes the concert ended with the song „Going, Going, Gone“. This band, who also performed at the 2017 Wave Gotik Treffen is currently working on a new website Homepage. Hopefully there will therefore be some more information about the Berliner band soon.


  1. Anyone
  2. DRME
  3. Swimming
  4. Controller:Resistor
  5. Electric
  6. Sleepers
  7. Going, Going, Gone

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Whispering Sons

Whispering Sons are on an unstoppable rise. After winning one of the most prestigious national music competitions in Belgium, an extensive tour of Belgium and Europe followed. In the summer of 2018, the band performed at the M’era Luna Festival in Hildesheim and in October 2018, their long-awaited debut album „Image“ finally appeared. This release was celebrated with a concert in Brussels and from there began the extensive European tour, which has now lasted several months and will end in the spring.

The Hamburg concert of this exceptional Belgian band began at 9:15 pm with the song „Stalemate“, which is also the opener of the album „Image“. Singer Fenne – known for her extravagant voice as well as her idiosyncratic style of dress – and the musicians around her immediately had the Hafenklang club under her complete control. With „White Noise“ came also an older title, one not from the current album. Otherwise, all ten songs of ‚Image‘ were played live this evening. The audience now appeared to merge into a single dancing crowd; the mood was infectiously good, even if the typical post-punk dry ice was missing. After the song „Inside“, the band said goodbye but did not have to wait around long to be asked for an encore. The last song from the debut album concluded a wonderful seventy- minute concert. Anyone who cannot get enough of this band will have the chance to see the band live in Germany again at the end of January in Hanover – the rest of the tour takes place outside of Germany. But people are already speculating at which festivals they will find the band in the summer!


  1. Stalemate
  2. Got A Light
  3. Alone
  4. White Noise
  5. Performance
  6. Skin
  7. No Time
  8. Fragments
  9. Hollow
  10. Wall
  11. Waste
  12. Dense
  13. Insights
  14. No Image

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