Concert Review: Zwarte Poëzie and Hapax in Maze Berlin, 09.02.2019

On a cold February evening in the beautiful basement of the Berlin Kreuzberg Club Maze, two interesting bands from the Netherlands and Italy await us. The concert was organized and presented by Cold Beat Berlin.

Zwarte Poëzie

The evening starts with Zwarte Poëzie, the project of singer and songwriter Edwin van der Velde, who is also the singer of the band Bragolin. Zwarte Poëzie play a mix of wave and alternative rock in their native language of Dutch.

What sounds a bit exotic to a German at first turns out to be pretty cool. Fast and danceable tracks with driving beats alternate with rocky post-punk songs sung in Dutch. Both the sound and the language are great in the international concept of the evening and soon sound very familiar…

Their last EP  – ‘Grijs Verleden’  was released in 2016 and is available on Bandcamp for you to make you own impression.

A big thumbs up for Zwarte Poëzie!


  1. Misschien Morgen Wel
  2. Grijs Verleden
  3. Amelisweerd
  4. Codicil
  5. Dans De Vage Blik
  6. Alleen in de Aarde
  7. Fiasco
  8. Grafveld B
  9. De Laatste Dagen
  10. Zwarte Ramen
  11. Lichaam
  12. IJstijd


The second artists of the evening are HAPAX from Italy. We are already familiar with the bands from the numerous views of their video for „Vitriol“. Unfortunately, the their last album „Cave“ came out back in 2016. Hopefully we can expect something new from them soon! Just recently, the band released a video for a new song „Shining Lover“.

Unfortunately, the sound was not quite as good as expected this evening, but definitely better than with the first band. Also, it was pretty hard to see the band due to dry ice. Nevertheless, the audience enjoyed the performance and experienced two great concerts in an equally great location. The aftershow party was also impressive, with many current post-punk and wave tracks being played, which unfortunately is not often the case in the Berlin clubs.

Setlist HAPAX

  1. When the marble falls
  2. Shadow and breath
  3. Silent sign of surrender
  4. Traitors (the words we learned)
  5. Survive the night
  6. Untitled heart
  7. To the other side
  8. As empty shells
  9. Shining Lover
  10. Hands
  11. Vitriol
  12. Cave


More information:

Zwarte Poëzie –


Translation from Gothic Empire: Judith Reumont