For the first concert of the year, and in a rather iconic pub in the centre of Berlin, the band Wisborg took to the stage. The venue ‚Schokoladen‘ has established itself as a live music venue for the alternative scene with regular concerts, theatre performances and readings taking place on this site of a former chocolate factory.


Leipzig band Lizard Pool opened this musical evening just after 8pm. In the summer of 2018, the current album, “Spark” appeared on the well-known label ‚Out Of Line ‚. They have played numerous concerts in the past year, including the NCN Festival, the Out Of Line Weekender and as support for, among others, Phillip Boa and the Voodoo club and She Past Away. A month ago they were the support of the Swedish band The Exploding Boy. Their style of brisk Indie-Wave was really well received by the Berliners – from the beginning there was a good atmosphere in this cosy pub. The stage was right next to the front door, and across from the stage was a kind of miniature wooden pulpit – all lending itself to creating a very special atmosphere. During the concert, more and more people arrived and it became pretty crowded. There were even people at the bar and in the smoking area, so the event ended up to be sold out. Lizard Pool’s fresh and lively songs invited many to dance – and those who could still move in the narrow space, took up that invitation. The band had a lot of fun on stage – after Vincent and Shiva collided briefly with their instruments, the guitar had to be re-tuned briefly, but the gig continued immediately after. Lizard Pool played some songs from the current album – but also on the setlist were many songs from their 2014 album ‚She Took the Colours‘. The sound was surprisingly good for this small room, and the confident vocals of singer Vincent were solid. After about 50 minutes, the band said goodbye and thanked everyone for the great time. Anyone who wants more from Lizard Pool has plenty of opportunities to see the band live in 2019 – a highlight will certainly be their appearance at the Plage Noire Festival on the Baltic Sea.


  1. Drifting Far Away
  2. Wave Of Joy
  3. Staircase Balcony
  4. Give Me Your Anger
  5. A Gloomy Day
  6. Movie House
  7. Placid Penetration
  8. Orange Room
  9. Faceless King
  10. Waiting
  11. 10:15 Saturday Night
  12. Am Anfang
  13. Nacht In Scherben
  14. Beautiful Danger
  15. Death Of A Soul Plumber

Lizard Pool (c) 2019 Marko Jakob


Wisborg leave a successful 2018 behind them.

About a year after the band was formed, their debut album ‚ The Tragedy of Seconds Gone ‚ was released in spring 2018. The success of the album immediately led to the two musicians making an appearance at the Wave Gotik Treffen in Leipzig. In October, Wisborg also took to the stage in a very special location as part of the Autumn Moon Festival. Here they played on a ship called ‚ Holzminden ‚. A few weeks ago Wisborg were seen playing live in Berlin – at the Nuke Club as support of the band Das Ich. At that time, their video for the song ‚ Winter Falls ‚ was also released.

Now the band are playing the first concert of the year – and in singer Constantine’s new adopted home of Berlin.

After an intro, the concert began with the lively ‚ Seconds Gone ‚. This was followed by the consistently convincing and varied song‘ The Sick Rose ‚ from the debut album – a bit more electronic than the other tracks and yet with great guitar riffs it is reminiscent of the sound of IAMX. The location was a wonderful fit for the music as it was atmospheric and intimate – and the audience could stand totally close to the band. Konstantin even had a fan light a cigarette for him. They continued with the melancholy ‚ Desire ‚, followed by the driving sound of ‚ Venus In Chains ‚. Time went in quickly as it always does when you are having fun! ‚We have two more songs,‘ Konstantin said. ‘Winter Falls’ was a bit quieter again, but was a great fit for Constantine’s voice. ‚ Everyone knows this one now, and if not I don’t know why you are here, ‚ the charasmatic singer said ahead of the song ‚ Becoming Cagliari.‘ A very special and unusual song, which already had a video release at the end of 2017. After that, there were plenty of applause and encore shouts. Konstantin told the audience, ‚ We’ve already played everything we have ‚. Some had certainly still hoped for the Type O Negative cover ‚Black No.1 ‚, which Wisborg had played live in the past. The fans kept trying to convince the band to keep playing – but unfortunately that wasn’t possible after 10pm. But Wisborg certainly didn’t play tonight in Berlin for the last time, they will definitely return with a new album and more songs. If you don’t want to wait that long, you have the chance to experience Wisborg live in Switzerland and England in March.


  1. Intro
  2. Seconds Gone
  3. The Sick Rose
  4. In The Haze Of A Drunken Hour
  5. Temptation & Hesitation
  6. Desire
  7. Venus In Chains
  8. Winter Falls
  9. Becoming Caligari


Wisborg (c) 2019 Marko Jakob

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Texts and images: Marko Jakob, Pix666

Translation: Judith Reumont

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