Concertreview: Night Nail, Traitrs, Holygram – Berlin, 16.2.2019

Tonight Holygram will play their first headliner tour in a sold-out venue. Night Nail and the Traitrs, other acts from the post-punk genre, will also be part of this evening’s line up. This exciting night is taking place in the club „Urban Spree“, which is already known in Berlin as the host for many post-punk band gigs. On the RAW ground area, where the club is based, there are also many other concert and club locations – it is a unique, grungy party zone.

Night Nail

Night Nail is a young American band, but for now finds itself in the centre of life in Berlin. Their seven-track album „LA DEMONS“ was released in 2018. Singer Brandon has a very clear, deep voice that fits perfectly with the band’s style of music.

The concert starts bang on time as the two musicians enter the stage of the small club which is not yet completely filled on this sold-out evening. Brandon and Justin start immediately with the first song „Walls Collapse“ and receive the first warm applause. The music fits in perfectly with the other two bands of the evening and Night Nail are greeted by an audience that is well prepared for them. It is hardly noticeable that they do not have that much stage experience. After seven tracks, the set is over and Night Nail are rewarded with much applause.


  1. Walls Collapse
  2. Her Gallows Humor
  3. LA Demons
  4. Never Dream
  5. Little Armenia
  6. Shadow Song
  7. Hollow Day
  • Night Nail live in Berlin
  • Night Nail live in Berlin


With Traitrs, an altogether more experienced band takes to the small stage. Being such a small club, in the „Urban Spree“ the artists always have to struggle with the audience being really near – not always be easy, but you can really feel the bands up close. The duo orients itself musically in the late 70’s and early 80’s and the voice of singer Sean-Patrick is very reminiscent of Robert Smith.

The set begins with the title „Pale“ and the two musicians increase the energy and physical effort with each title played. When the bass is not enough, the two stomp and jump on stage and show how much they enjoy their music and performance. The fans acknowledge the songs with much enthusiasm and applause. In the end, Sean-Patrick emphasized once again that the stage was actually too small for them both!  A great band with a great set.


  1. Pale
  2. Still From Her Sores
  3. Skinning
  4. Whitch Trails
  5. The Suffering Of Spiders
  6. Thin Flesh
  7. Hand Of Holy Fingers
  8. Youth Cults
  9. The Lovely Wounded
  • Traitrs live in Berlin
  • Traitrs live in Berlin


Holygram have been a source of much interest in the post-punk scene for some time. From the release of their debut album „Modern Cults“ the Cologne natives have been treated as a red-hot newcomer. Now on their first headliner tour, Holygram can now prove that they are not just a support act for OMD and VNV Nation. With only an EP and an album released so far, they are somewhat limited in their repertoire, but they do not let this show.

Without even a word, the concert begins. I think the band is taking advantage of the current trend for the 80s sounds. Sporting cool sunglasses and indie-style clothes, Holygram give the impression of having a time machine beamed straight into the backstage room, especially in the dim light of the club. However, slight technical problems such as malfunctioning speakers demonstrated that they are indeed real! In just an hour, they have played their entire program but add in two more songs for the encore.

Several times the singer Patrick thanked the audience. The band gave an absolutely solid performance, whilst shrouded in almost surreal deep blue fog and the audience responded by lively reveling and dancing. However, perhaps the performance lacked an emotional spark – maybe because of their little contact with the audience?

We will continue to watch this band and are looking forward to their further developments.


  1. Into The Void
  2. Modern Cults
  3. A Faction
  4. 4. Signals
  5. Dead Channel Skies
  6. Hideaway
  7. Daria
  8. Acceleration
  9. Still There
  10. Odd Neighbourhood
  11. Distant Light
  12. 1997
  13. She’s Like The Sun
Holygram in Concert - Berlin, 16/02/2019

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Translation from Gothic Empire: Judith Reumont