Creux Lies | Night Nail | VV & The Void in Slaughterhouse, Berlin 14.06.2019

On 14.06.2019 the well-known Berlin event series „Passion Of Lovers“ presented three bands from Cleopatra Records. VV & The Void, Night Nail and Creux Lies, three bands from the post-punk and wave environment appeared at the Slaughterhouse. A better location could not have been chosen, as the small club was perfect for such bands and club concerts.

VV & The Void

Valentina Veil released her debut album „The Upper Room“ last year. With an atmospheric and intense wave sound, her songs alternated between minimalistic, Post- and New- Wave elements. VV was supported live by Brandon Robert Heinz on bass and Sven Claussen on keyboards.


  1. Et Apres
  2. Thorn
  3. Idol Worship
  4. God Machine
  5. Lash
  6. Devil’s Workshop
  7. Scarlet Dome
  8. The Seeker
  9. Axis & The Rim
VV & The Void were the first band of the evening

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Night Nail

The American dark-wave and post-punk band Night Nail has moved from Los Angeles to Berlin and this is where singer Brandon Robert and guitarist / saxophonist Justin appeared as a duo. With their deep tracks and Brandon’s low voice, Night Nail’s emotions are transported directly through the ears into the hearts of their audiences and listeners.


  1. Her Gallow’s Humor
  2. Never Dream
  3. LA Demons
  4. Walls Collapse
  5. Shadow Song
  6. Hollow Day
  7. Republican Marriage
Night Nail from LA / Berlin impressed us with the deep voice of Brandon

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Creux Lies

With Creux Lies, we welcomed a very hot American export in Europe. This post-punk band from Sacramento (California) released their debut album „The Hearth“ in 2018 and is therefore not entirely unknown to us. After their appearance at the Wave Gothic Treffen (as we reported), there was also a small tour through Germany and Denmark.

We already experienced the band at the WGT and they completely thrilled us. How would the little Slaughterhouse club fit with the show and music of Creux Lies?

At about 11:30 pm the song „Made“ started right away – but the aerobics-style WGT show had to be dropped this time. Singer Ean, however, did not miss the opportunity to jump from the stage into the audience during the concert and dance extensively with them to his own band’s songs! It was obvious that many of the tracks are personally very important to him. His emotions transferred into the audience and were able to inspire every audience member. The whole band played as one tight formation and gave the new and old fans a unique evening!

Afterwards it was no wonder that every bit of merchandise was completely sold out.  Creux Lies, please come back to Germany in 2020!


  1. Made
  2. Silhouette
  3. Tsavo
  4. Eulogy
  5. New song
  6. Virginity
  7. Zone
  8. Aine song
  9. 2nd new song
  10. Fascination Street (The Cure Cover)
  11. Portals
  12. Simulacrum
The Creux Lies topped their show from WGT2019 in Berlin

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Translated by Judith Remont from

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