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  • It’s Time To Revive The Label Compilation “Broken Hearts and Robot Parts”
    von soundsandshadows (Ken Magerman) am 14. Mai 2021

    One million years ago before the internet it was a lot harder to find the greatest new music. We would head down to the record store and buy the latest compilation from our favorite record labels. Cleopatra and Wax Trax were mine. Streaming services made this a bit of a lost art. COP International has started a new series of comps called "Broken Hearts and Robot Parts". I beam with pride that I got to choose the name. Christian Petke and team […]

  • Does anyone have any money left after Bandcamp Day? Because there are more amazing releases that need your attention.
    von soundsandshadows (Ken Magerman) am 13. Mai 2021

    After the tidal wave of new releases from the last few weeks I get to settle down and deep dive some of the amazing things that I didn't get to. Powerhouse albums from around the globe that are making my heart pitter patter for the exciting future of modern Darkscene. As always comment on the page who you think I need to review next and share these reviews so others can find them.

  • A review of VR SEX’s new album: Cyber Crimes
    von arthurelwin am 9. Mai 2021

    VR SEX is Andrew Clinco's California-based synthwave/post-punk project. You might know Clinco better as "Deb Demure," his androgynous and alien alter-ego he puts on for his band Drab Majesty (alongside Alex Nicolaou aka Mona D). I'll preface this review by saying that I've been a long-time intense fan of Drab Majesty and Deb/Clinco, but for some reason never really got into VR SEX. I wish I could give you an excusable reason why, but nothing […]

  • Bara Hari – Ugly on the Inside
    von Joe Whiteaker am 7. Mai 2021

    Sam Franko a.k.a Bara Hari, brings us the video for “Ugly on the Inside”, the second single from her forthcoming EP “Dark New Day”. A song Franco says “was inspired by society’s use of constructed avatars as a means of modern interaction and communication.”. The video cycles through various scenes of Franco showing off her

  • Distance Dealer – “Slasher” Premier
    von soundsandshadows (Ken Magerman) am 6. Mai 2021

    I love synthesis. Rather we are talking genre, or in this case two amazing artist that seamlessly blend styles and perspectives to create something new and beautiful. Here we have Thiago Desant (Phantoms vs Fire) of Brazil and Alexander Donat (Vlimmer) of Germany. Two brilliant sound artists acclaimed for creating texture and motion with music