Sounds and Shadows Music Reviews, Interviews, and more of the worlds top dark wave/post punk/goth/industrial

  • Kiss of the Whip: an interview
    von arthurelwin am 18. Oktober 2021

    Ever heard of Kiss of the Whip? Well, if you’ve clicked this article, you now have! Kiss of the Whip is the Baltimore-based solo project of Tristan Victor. The sound is a delightful vintage-feeling, metal-flavored, dark-yet-vibrant sort of post-punk synthwave. I had the pleasure of seeing him live at Absolution Fest in Tampa recently (I

  • Draven’s Mixtape​:​1994 Revisited
    von Jaret S. Young am 15. Oktober 2021

    Fans of the movie (and comic book), The Crow, will appreciate this homage to the original soundtrack, courtesy of Distortion Productions. I'm sure for many of us, as well as many of the featured artists, this film was our first taste of some great and seminal music in our formative years.

  • Claws by Morningstvr
    von Jaret S. Young am 15. Oktober 2021

    This LA-based Witch House project brings a sense of foreboding and doom that is strangely welcome. The distant, ghostly vocals on this minimal track inspire childhood memories of favorite horror movies. It gave me the creeps in the best possible way.

  • Bending The Iron Bough by Bedless Bones
    von Jaret S. Young am 15. Oktober 2021

    Hearing a band from Estonia doesn’t happen every day around here. So I was intrigued by a band that hails from Tallinn, Estonia and what this Baltic region band has to offer. ‘Ashes Indigo’ is the first single from the forthcoming release, scheduled for mid-November. An ethereal and ambient aesthetic permeates this track with an 808 kick

  • SINE’s : Desire, Denial and Paramania paints with all the colors
    von Quieting Silence am 13. Oktober 2021

    Earnest without pretension, and somehow both distinct and familiar, Sine’s : Desire, Denial and Paramania is a warm hug from a spiky leather jacket.