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  • Sounds and Shadows Podcast
    von soundsandshadows (Ken Magerman) am 27. Februar 2021

    Our podcasts have been really improving. Having interviews that are a real conversation with some of the artists I love and give all their fans a feeling of knowing them on a personal level. I wanted to compile them all in one place that give you the opportunity to find and enjoy them. 2/25/21 Grabyourface

  • Voyna – “The Cinvat Bridge”
    von soundsandshadows (Ken Magerman) am 26. Februar 2021

    In 2019 I took a life changing trip to Berlin where I learned a lot about myself, another culture, and music. I also started a love affair with one of the most underrated post punk bands in the modern scene Golden Apes. Peer Lebrecht has one of those few in a generation distinctive voices with

  • “I took out my credit card to see you giving head” Male Tears review by Eddie LaFlash
    von elaflash am 21. Februar 2021

    Now that a have your attention (all credit to my favorite lyric in this album), welcome! Today I’ll be reviewing an album that I instantly wanted to sink my wiener into as soon as it was sent to me. Male Tears is a synth pop duo consisting of James Edward on vocals and synthesizer and

  • Enter Camlann – review by Victoria Spungen
    von victoriaspungen am 21. Februar 2021

    The most invaluable attribute of an increasingly global community is the discovery of our shared – and often, surprisingly unified – experience of the world.  Even as we languish through the isolation imposed on us via a global crisis, we can reach across vast expanses, foreign borders, and cultural divisions to find that, ultimately, we

  • Old Scotch and New Sounds That Leave A Smokey Taste In My Throat
    von soundsandshadows (Ken Magerman) am 18. Februar 2021

    Sitting down to write and absorb for the first time in a few weeks. I love the way my boundaries keep getting stretched further by the sounds I am hearing. I feel like the Goth/Industrial genres are a buffet of ever widening flavors to test that adventurous streak in my heart.