sabotage 6 by dernier sabotage (Post-Punk, Gothic-Rock, New-Wave)

Dernier sabotage is a Mixcloud Channel from Berlin, Germany. This week he features tracks from It also includes Front 242, Death in June, The Bluebeard's Castle, Closed mouth, The Ghost of Bela Lugosi, Amaranth, ASCETIC:, Xmal Deutschland, Frustration, Des Âmes Libres (D.A.L), MVGRE, ICESUN, Nine Circles, Kas Product, Carter Tutti, and more.

Crying Vessel – A Beautiful Curse/Illusions (Album review incl. interview)

This is an exciting review to write, I have been wanting to talk about “A Beautiful Curse” for a while now but I have been holding off in anticipation of Illusions coming out. I'm glad I waited because now I get to write my first two album combo review and I don't think I could have chosen a better band than Crying Vessel. Crying Vessel began as a project between Slade Templeton and Basil Oberli as an art concept that found legs and has grown into some of the finest post punk/Synthwave/dark dance fusion coming out of Europe and spreading it's dark wings across the world. It takes a lot of what is familiar and beautiful about classic dark music and infuses it with a jolt of electricity and sizzle.
Cold Transmission - Cold Anniversary

COLD TRANSMISSION presents “COLD ANNIVERSARY” 05.03.19 (no. 60)

Our friends from the German netlabel "Cold Transmission" celebrated their first birthday yesterday. As a present for all their fans and listeners they released the mix "Cold Anniversary".
Palais Ideal - No Signal
Daze and confused 25.02.2019

Dazed and Confused 25/02/2019 Post-Punk DarkWave Electronic New Releases and Classic Tracks

This week DJ Daze features songs from Love Under Will, Terremoto, The Sisters of Mercy, Isotropia, Deadpan and more.
Revonverb - Heraldik EP

Reconverb – EP “Heraldik”

Reconverb releases their EP "Heraldik" today on Cold Transmission Music. Please listen to the EP on the Bandcamp page. You will find the link below in this article.
Antipole Darkwave and Coldwave Mix

Darkwave and coldwave mix #42 by Antipole

The new mix by Antipole features sounds from Balvanera, V A C A N T S T A R E S, Oxidado, She Pleasures Herself, Black Plastic and more.

COLD TRANSMISSION presents “COLD STARS VOL. 6” Nachtplan Special

The new Mixcloud Mix "COLD STARS VOL. 6" from Cold Transmission contains the recent releases of Post-Punk bands like: Kill Shelter, Traitrs, Cold Cave, Unidentified Man and many others! Tracklist: Kill Shelter-Cold Transmission Intro (by Kill…
Cold Beats

Cold Transmission and Elz and the Cult present “COLD BEATS”

Tracklist: ELZ AND THE CULT-Growing Pains Boy Harsher-Tears Milliken Chamber-Lowly S Y Z Y G Y X-Heart Frequencies Hante.-Tomorrow is a New Day Zanias-Idoru Kælan Mikla-Draumadís ROSI-Kirmes (Per-Anders Kurenbach Remix) Unidentified…
Desolate Discoteque 8

Desolate Discotheque #08 (Coldwave, Post Punk, Gothic)

8th edition of the Desolate Discotheque with releases (december and january) of Astma, A Transition, Boy Harsher, Easterhead, Elz And The Cult, Escarlatina Obsessiva, Electro In Black, Human and Milliken Chamber. Please vote for this…