SYZYGYX - Fading Bodies [Electronic, Cold Wave, Dark Wave Release]

The long awaited new album of the US-American band S Y Z Y G Y X was released on 11.10.2019. On the 15 tracks of the album "Fading Bodies" you can expect a very danceable mixture of electronic sounds and the unique voice of Luna Blanc.
This week Antipole features tracks from Hapax, Scary Black, Vlimmer, Dageist and a lot more.

Darkwave and coldwave mix #47

This week Antipole features tracks from Hapax, Scary Black, Vlimmer, Dageist and a lot more.

Concert-Review: Second Still and Juno Francis, Schokoladen, Berlin, 27/05/2019

Week after week, admission prices of less than ten euros attract numerous music fans to Schokoladen Berlin. On the last Monday in May Juno Francis and Second Still were guests there. Second Still are currently on their Violet Phase EU tour, which takes the Los Angeles band through 10 European countries.
Dark Nouveau Metropolis Compilation

Dark Nouveau Metropolis Compilation [Wave & Post-Punk]

Metropolis Records proudly presents "Dark Nouveau," a compilation that brings together 24 international bands from the Post-Punk, Industrial, Synthwave, Goth and Dark Wave genres.
Kill Shelter - Damage

Album-Review: Kill Shelter - Damage [Cold-Wave, Dark-Wave, Post-Punk]

This is an album I can’t stop playing. Edinburgh based Pete Burns has found such a fresh take in a saturated post punk world. He has created such an eclectic mixture of styles both old and new. His beats and production are crisp and haunted.
Antipole Darkwave and Coldwave Mix

Darkwave and Coldwave #45 - Cold Transmission Festival 13.July Cologne (GER) Special Edition

In preparation of the upcoming Cold Transmission Festival in July Antipole presents a playlist with a lot of actual artists.
merch The Graveyard Compilation by S Y Z Y G Y X

S Y Z Y G Y X - The Graveyard Compilation [Dark-Wave, Cold-Wave release]

The album The Graveyard Compilation has songs from Broken Mirrors EP (Burning Grave Records), Encounters EP (Cold Transmission), and Is That All There Is (Burning Grave Records).
WhiteLight/WhiteHeat - SoundCloud Playlist April 2019

WL//WH - April 2019 \\ Post-Punk/Coldwave/Darkwave/SynthPop/Minimal Synth

This month WhiteLight / WhiteHeat supports a lot of acts on its recent SoundCloud playlist.
Desolate Discotheque #10

Desolate Discotheque #10 (Coldwave, Postpunk, Synth) by DJ Zauber

This week DJ Zauber features Drab Majesty, Dune Messiah, Blood Blush, Sofia Portanet, Pleasure Symbols and more.

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Antipole features the hottest tracks from #postpunk #indiedance #coldwave and #gothic

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Antipole features the hottest tracks from #postpunk #indiedance #coldwave and #gothic