Dazed and Confused 01042019

Dazed and Confused 01/04/2019 Post-Punk Dark-Wave Electronic New Releases and Classic Tracks

This week DJ Daze features tracks from All your Sisters, Leathers, The Cult, Dark Water, Pleasure Chest and more.
Northern Noise Volume I
The Bluebeards Castle - Beyond the door is the first release
Orcus Nullify - Deathhag

Orcus Nullify - Death Hag [Dark-Wave - Review and interview]

So Orcus Nulify is a wonderful project by Bruce Nullify out of South Carolina. Bruce is one of those wonderful people in this scene that is always going out of his way to help everyone else in the scene around him.
Antipole Darkwave and Coldwave Mix

Darkwave and coldwave mix #43 by Antipole

Last week Antipole featured songs from Buzz Kull, Double Echo, Undertheskin, Monotonous Cities, Ill Humans and more.
Daze and ConfusedAndrew Daze

Dazed and Confused 18/03/2019 Post-Punk, Dark-Wave, Electronic, New Releases and Classic Tracks

Andrew Daze features this week tracks from Rendez-Vous, Frustration, The Marquis, Zanias, Gary Numan and more.
Sólveig Matthildur - Contantly in Love - new album

Sólveig Matthildur - Contantly in Love (Dark-Wave, Electronic)

Constantly in Love, the second record from Kælan Mikla keyboardist and back-up singer Kælan Mikla producer and back-up singer Sólveig Matthildur, is an emotional, poetic, and breathtaking creation. From the light-hearted but dead serious first single and video (“Dystopian Boy”), to the medieval symmetry of the album’s construction (spoiler: it’s a massive envelope poem), Sólveig has, quite possibly, written album for the ages.
Lian Vex - Paradox

Lian Vex - Paradox (dark-wave clip release)

Lian Vex sent us his beautiful produced new clip of the new song "Paradox". Lian mixes electronic ebm sounds with dark-wave and his special integrients. He is living on the sunny isle Malta and is inspirated by the dark sound of post-punk and…
Elz and the cult - psychodrama cold transmission edition

Elz and the cult - Psychodrama (post-punk and dark-wave from Istanbul)

Elz and the cult - the turkish dark-wave, post-punk and gothic-pop band rereleased their album "Psychodrama" today at the german label Cold Transmission Music.
Palais Ideal - No Signal