Antipole Darkwave and Coldwave Mix

Darkwave and coldwave mix #42 by Antipole

The new mix by Antipole features sounds from Balvanera, V A C A N T S T A R E S, Oxidado, She Pleasures Herself, Black Plastic and more.
Cold Beats

Cold Transmission and Elz and the Cult present „COLD BEATS“

Tracklist: ELZ AND THE CULT-Growing Pains Boy Harsher-Tears Milliken Chamber-Lowly S Y Z Y G Y X-Heart Frequencies Hante.-Tomorrow is a New Day Zanias-Idoru Kælan Mikla-Draumadís ROSI-Kirmes (Per-Anders Kurenbach Remix) Unidentified…
Desolate Discoteque 8

Desolate Discotheque #08 (Coldwave, Post Punk, Gothic)

8th edition of the Desolate Discotheque with releases (december and january) of Astma, A Transition, Boy Harsher, Easterhead, Elz And The Cult, Escarlatina Obsessiva, Electro In Black, Human and Milliken Chamber. Please vote for this…
Cold Echoes


Tracklist: Ist Ist-Exist Monographic-Done it again MOTH-Obelion Disco Mark E Moon-Electronic Фирма-однодневка-Ничего не поменять It's for us-Stay Rosi-Schwarzer Kaffee Triple Sun-I can…