Cold Transmission Cold Pentecost Nachtplan Special

COLD TRANSMISSION presents “COLD PENTECOST 2019” Nachtplan Special

This week Cold Transmission presents in cooperation with the Nachtplan magazine tracks from She Pleasures Herself, Hante., Void Vision, Palais Ideal and many more.
Zeitgeist Volume 9 - Cold-Wave and New-Wave compilation by Cold Transmission

Zeitgeist Vol. 9 [Cold-Wave, New-Wave Compilation]

Great releases without end - Cold Transmission is currently one of the labels with the most activities. So, who wonders about the next compilation! This week is wave time! Zeitgeist Vol. 9 features tracks from Crying Vessel, Antipole, La Mécanique, S Y Z Y G Y X, Aprilmen, Hanging Freud, Sexy Suicide, Figure Section, peppy pep pepper and many more.
Cold Transmission - Cold Runaways

Cold Transmission and S Y Z Y G Y X present “COLD RUNAWAYS”

This week Cold Transmission presents in cooperation with S Y Z Y G Y X the new mix "Cold Runaways" with songs from Push Button Press,  The Soft Moon, Unidentified Man, The Horrorist and many other post-punk and wave artists.
Cold Trasmission presents Cold Escape the new mix on Mixcloud.Cold Transmisson

Cold Transmission & The Bluebeard´s Castle present “COLD ESCAPE”

The Frankfurt based label "Cold Transmission" features this week tracks from The Foreign Resort, Lebanon Hanover, Giant Waves, She Past Away and many more in cooperation with the band "The Bluebeard´s Castle". The mix "Cold Escape" is available for free on Mixcloud.
Palais Ideal - No Signal
Daze and confused 25.02.2019

Dazed and Confused 25/02/2019 Post-Punk DarkWave Electronic New Releases and Classic Tracks

This week DJ Daze features songs from Love Under Will, Terremoto, The Sisters of Mercy, Isotropia, Deadpan and more.
Revonverb - Heraldik EP

Reconverb – EP “Heraldik”

Reconverb releases their EP "Heraldik" today on Cold Transmission Music. Please listen to the EP on the Bandcamp page. You will find the link below in this article.
Daze and confused

Dazed and Confused 11/02/2019 Post-Punk DarkWave Electronic New Releases and Classic Tracks

Please vote for this release: More information: DJ Andrew Daze based in Sydney, Australia presents Dazed and Confused - Monday night's at 8pm on Sydney community radio Post-Punk DarkWave Electronic New Releases and Classic Tracks Produced/Presented…
Cold Beats

Cold Transmission and Elz and the Cult present “COLD BEATS”

Tracklist: ELZ AND THE CULT-Growing Pains Boy Harsher-Tears Milliken Chamber-Lowly S Y Z Y G Y X-Heart Frequencies Hante.-Tomorrow is a New Day Zanias-Idoru Kælan Mikla-Draumadís ROSI-Kirmes (Per-Anders Kurenbach Remix) Unidentified…
Cold Strangers