The City Gates - Photo credit: Laurine Haddock

AGENT SIDE GRINDER – REMA/X releases on October 16th, 2020.

After 2019's highly appraised “A/X”, Swedish electronic blast furnace Agent Side Grinder have turned to outside perspectives, resulting in the remix compilation “REMA/X”, featuring reworks from several esteemed names within the darkwave, post-punk and experimental music scenes such as Ash Code, Buzz Kull, Antipole, Tobias Bernstrup, She Pleasures Herself and Delphine Coma.

Dark Music Mixtape #11 (2019/2020): Post-Punk, Gothic, 80s, Synth, Wave, Lo-Fi

First tape of the year including the best new bands and music releases. More than an hour of new underground music you need to listen. Hauntology of the 80s. Music from the spectre of an alternative future with a dark punk attitude.

Release: Dilk „HARDSHIP“ 17.01.2020

„HARDSHIP“ is the debut album of the Spanish band DILK, who joined the Cold Transmission family in the middle of 2019. Recorded, mixed, and mastered in Brazil Studio (Madrid), the songs are about the constant search for identity, the (un)love and the unreasonable existence. The shortness of life and its imminent end. About the feeling of not fitting in, or not being understood. „HARDSHIP“ collects the deepest and primary duels of the human being, takes your hand and invites you to dance.

Zeitgeist Vol. 12 [Compilation]

Black in back! Our friends from Cold Transmission released their next amazing sampler! Zeitgeist Vol. 12 Includes songs by S Y Z Y G Y X, Bedless Bones, Mängelexemplar ft. Photographs of God, Curse Mackey, Alex Sindrome, Das Noir (exclusive remix), LA MÉCANIQUE (unreleased song), Carlo Onda, Nao Katafuchi, A Copy For Collapse, ELZ and the CULT, SINE, SKEMER, Data-Bank-A, Art Diktator, Black Sun Dreamer, Vestron Vulture, The Purge, Climas Interiores, Cold Medicine, Age Ageopf, I .- I eaux saines I, Intersigno, Meldamor, Marta Raya, CryptoChroma ft. Violet Candide, Oberst Panizza, Another Dream and bonus track from Sydney Valette.

Video Premiere – ROSI „Zustand“ [Post-Punk]

The Post-Punk band ROSI from the German town of Bielefeld (a mystery town that was once told doesn't exist) is releasing their new video "Zustand" today at midnight.

Return To The Batcave Festival 2019

Next edition of Return To The Batcave Festival will take place between 10 and 12 October 2019. 3 days of crazy oldschool deathrock / goth-punk / post-punk / wave DIY private party with 16 bands, several DJs and batcave family army from all around the world.

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DJ Thamona – Mixcloud Shows

DJ Thamona presents the best tracks from #postpunk #gothicrock #synthwave and #darkwave live from Berlin.
DJ Zauber presents the hottest tracks from #postpunk #gothicrock #synthwave and #darkwave

DJ Zauber – Mixcloud Shows

DJ Zauber presents the hottest tracks from #postpunk #gothicrock #synthwave and #darkwave