Album review: Creux Lies – The Hearth

What if you made The Cure Disintegration but gave it razor sharp teeth? The drums had more snap. The guitar lines had that same entrancing delay but with more motion. Ean Clevenger has an obvious Robert Smith quality to his voice, yet where Smith focused more on a tongue and cheek sass.

Cold Transmission and Sounds and Shadows present „COLD SOUNDS“

This week Cold Transmission Music presents in cooperation with the guys from Sounds and Shadows a lot of tracks from Sounds Like Winter, Orcus Nullify, Japan Suicide, Antiflux and many more.
Orcus Nullify - Deathhag

Orcus Nullify – Death Hag [Dark-Wave – Review and interview]

So Orcus Nulify is a wonderful project by Bruce Nullify out of South Carolina. Bruce is one of those wonderful people in this scene that is always going out of his way to help everyone else in the scene around him.
Palais Ideal - No Signal

Interview with Karl Morten Dahl (Antipole)

This next interview is with the brilliant creative mind behind Antipole Karl Morten Dahl. I have previously loved and reviewed their album Northern Flux and I am extremely excited to see him play with IAMTHESHADOW in July. Antipole Interview…
Delphine Coma

Delphine Coma – Interview with Ashe Rüppe: „It’s a really great time for music right now“

Delphine Coma published his last album "Leaving the Scene" in 2018. Our friends from "Sounds and Shadows" wrote a review earlier this year and had a chat with singer and songwriter Ashe Rüppe about his intentions. Sounds and Shadows: Your…