5 Tipps – for Bands on Facebook

5 small helps for your Facebook Fanpage

Facebook is still an important social network for bands. Here are some small tipps on how to make your Facebook page even more successful.

  • Changing Profile & Header Picture

    The first thing your fans will see on Facebook is your profile and header images. Therefore, both images should be meaningful. Use your header image as a free ad space for the next album or tour.

  • Info-Tab

    Fill out the info tab. Name your genre, your contact details and how to book. Someone who does not know your band wants to know what he can expect from you.

  • Upload your Youtube-Videos auf Facebook

    Upload your videos to Facebook as well. The range of the videos will be greatly increased. It’s easier for your fans to play videos directly on Facebook. Facebook rewards every video post with the highest reach.

  • Use an important post as pinned post

    You often post important and less important news on Facebook because you know how important regular posting is. If a new fan comes to your Facebook page, he will probably not immediately find his way. So mark a really important post as a pinned post at the top of your timeline.

  • Do not trust only on Facebook

    Not all your fans are on Facebook. Therefore, you should not neglect them and also use alternative networks. It’s best to create a beautiful website that you can then fill with your updates. So you’re independent of Facebook in the future.

Do you have more insider tipps for Bands on Facebook? Please give us a comment below!

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