5 hints – For streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music & Co.

5 small tips for your band to sell music on streaming platforms

The streaming industry is changing the income of many artists. But as a young or not very famous artist it provides a lot of new chances. We have some tips for you. If you like to get more information please read also the last hint and read or hear more about the insights into Apple Music, Spotify & Co.

  • How will we earn money on streaming plattforms?

    Streaming platforms pay around $0.0007 per individual stream. Around 30 % of the reveniew goes to the platform, 70 % to your label. It depends on your contract, how much you will get from your label. If your song is streamed 10.000 times you will earn 1 $.

  • How streaming platforms are changing the way of releasing music

    Albums are getting longer. Instead of a physical release the trend is to release a long playlist of songs as an album. So the chance that more titles of an artist are heard increases. In addition, the length of the songs decreases.

  • Do we still need music on CD or vinyl?

    As an indie-rock, post-punk or wave artist it could be more efficient to follow the „old path“ and produce physical mediums like cds and vinyl and sell them on Bandcamp.

  • What is the best way for me as an independent artist to find my audience?

    Try to find platforms that connect you with your fans. Explore alternative ways and ask your audience where they spend their time. Try innovative ways like Live-Streaming on Facebook, Instagram or even Twitch and Youtube.

Do you like our short tips and like to get more of it? Please give us a comment below!

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